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maintenance and repair outages

The following maintenance and/or repair outages are scheduled:


  • Harpswell 
    • Date and time: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 from 8:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
      Rain Date: Thursday, February 22, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
    • Roads Affected:  Abner Point Rd, Ada Dr, Adams Lane, Bailey Island Rd, Barker Point Rd, Bass Rock Rd, Briney View Lane, Broad View Lane, Cave in Bank Rd, Cedar Beach Rd, Channel View Lane, Clearview Lane, Cragmoor Lane, Cragmoor Rd, Dolphin Lane, Dudley Way, Edal Heights Rd, Edel Heights, Elden Point Rd, Elden Point, Eldon Rd, Estabrook Lane, Fathom Lane, Fishermans Cross, Fowler Rd, Gardiner Rd, Garrison Cove Rd, Harpswell Island Rd, Harpswell Rd, Harpswell Islands Rd, Hartman Lane, Hems Way, Hugh Ave, Hugh Rd, Island View Dr, Liberty Hall Rd, Library Hall Lane, Lily Lane, Linnell Dr, Linnell Rd, Linwood Lane, Linwood Rd, Lubee Lane, Lubee Lane Rd, Maiden Lane, Mermaid Lane, Mingo Cove Lane, Misty Rose Lane, Morgan Lane, Ocean St, Oceanside Ct, Oceanside Dr, Oceanside Rd, Pasture Rd, Pebble Lane, Proteus Way, Riteoway Lane, Robinhood Rd, Rocky Shore Rd, Salt Spray Lane, Sandy Lane, Sea Escape Lane, Sea Mist Lane, Showstring Lane, Sinnet Dr, Sinnett Ln, South End Rd, Spindrift Lane, Spruce Ledge Lane, Spruce Ledge Rd, Steam Boat Lane, Steamboat Rd, Steamboat Wharf Lane, Summerhill Lane, Summerhill Rd, Summerside Lane, West Shore Dr, West Shore Rd, Washington Ave, Water Cove Dr, Water Cove Rd, West Shore Rd, White Sails Lane, Wild Rose Lane, Windward Way, Windy Hill Lane


About Maintenance and Repair Outages

On occasion, it may be necessary to temporarily interrupt your electricity service so that we may safely perform maintenance and repairs of the electricity delivery system.

These improvements are being made to increase the reliability of your electricity service in your neighborhood.

We'll work safely and as quickly as possible to minimize any inconveniences. Thank you for patience.

Photo of lineworker installing a new pole

Photo of Jim Wright

Jim Wright, CMP Supervisor,
Transmission and Maintenance